Научни радови

001-Anti-inverse semigroups

002-On some classes of semigroups

003-Deux caracterizations des demigroupes anti-inverses

004-On anti-inverse semigroups

005-On a class of anti-inverse semigroups

006-(m,n)-ideaux et les demi-groupes (m,n)-regularies

007-A note on strongly reversible semiprimary semigroups

008-O r-semigrupama

009-Sur les demi-groupes dans lesquels tous les ….

010-O slabo komutativnim semigrupama

011-Sur les demi-droupes dans lesquels tous les … II


013-Some characterizations of bands of power joined …

014-On a class of semigroups

015-Semigroups in which some bi-ideal is a group

016-Bands of power joined semigroups

017-On a problem of J. D. Keckic concerning …

018-A structural theorem for (m,n)-ideal semigroups

019-Semigroups in which every proper left ideal is …

020-The transitional hull of a Rees semigroup over a …

021-(m,n)-ideal semigroups

022-Bi- and quasi-ideal semigroups with n-property

023-Power regular semigroups

024-Semigroups with completely simple kernel

025-Bands of periodic power joined semigroups

026-A note on power semigroups

027-Semogroups whose proper ideals are archimedean semigroups

028-A nil-extension of a completely simple semigroups

029-Right pi-inverse semigroups

030-sigma-inverse semigroups

031-Semigroups of Galbiati-Veronesi

032-Semigroups whose proper left ideals are commutative

033-Inflation of a union of groups

034-Some congruences on a strongly pi-inverse r-semigroup

036-Some congruences on a pi-regular semigroup

037-(m,n)-two-sided pure semigroups

038-On extensions of semirings determined by partial …

039-Inflations of semigroups

040-Semigroups of Galbiati-Veronesi II

041-Inflations of semigroups and semirings

042-Generalized U-semigroups

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